When you get to the last years of your life, what do you hope to look back on as fond memories?

I hope to remember many years galloping through green pastures, sitting in the shade on a warm summer day while my horse grazes nearby, and the familiar smell of the barn when I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

An Experience...

Our work together goes far beyond me showing up to snap some photos of you with your horse. I create emotional, artistic imagery for equestrians like you who want an experience as special as the connection you have with your heart horse.

My Sessions support equestrians like you in celebrating your true, most authentic self, and the raw passion and love you have for horses. My goal is to evoke these feelings within you every time you look up at the Canvas on your wall or open your Album book.

The Process

Planning Meeting

From prepping your horse to deciding what to wear to organizing the evening of the shoot - prep for the big day is a task on it's own!

That's why I'm here. For our Planning Meeting, we'll hop on Zoom and I'll guide you through the prep necessary for a smooth shoot that will result in the images you've been dreaming of.

Portrait Session

This is your evening, and I'll be there to keep things running smoothly so that we can produce unforgettable memories. At this point, everything has been prepared, and all you have left to do is show up and be yourself.

Your Portrait Session can include Studio Portraits of your horse, Natural light Horse & Rider imagery, or a combination. After we capture a variety of stunning, golden hour images, you'll have a chance to view my Wall Art and Albums, hold them in hand, and see what calls to you.

Image Reveal Meeting

A couple of weeks after your Portrait Session, we'll hop on Zoom to view the results together. I'll help you to sort through and select your favorites, create various Wall Art arrangements on your walls, and/or select images for a stunning Album book.

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