You are not alone ;

As a photographer, it is my duty to tell stories.

As an empath, it's my purpose to hold space.

The #EquestrianStrong Project was inspired by my own struggle with mental illness, my recovery journey and the ways horses have supported and continue to support my own mental health.

Me with my heart horse "Nemo" who has saved me countless times. Image courtesy of Leigh Fields Photography.


What is the #EquestrianStrong project?

A collection of horse & rider sessions capturing stories of resilience and recovery from mental illness in the equestrian community.

What is the intention of the project?

  • A platform for those who have "been there" to be seen and heard.
  • Messages of hope for those who are struggling to know they are not alone.
  • A resource for friends, family and professionals to better understand and support mental illness.

Where will the stories be shared?

Stories will be shared via @taylormarieimages on Instagram with the tag #equestrianstrong.

Additionally, full blog posts including images and written word will be created and available on my website under the blogs.

What are the requirements to be a part of the project?

The ideal candidate will be an equestrian of any age that is willing to share their story of recovery from mental illness, and the part horses have played in their journey.

  • Complete application (see below).
  • Must have a horse.
  • Over 18, or have guardian consent to participate.
  • Excited to move through my typical shoot process, including styling and planning the session.
  • Have an active, public instagram account.
  • Sign a model release and release of information to have stories and images shared publicly.

What is included if I am selected?

If your application is selected, as a thank you for being a part of the project and having the courage to share your story, your session fee will be complimentary, and includes:

  • Planning call: a meeting via zoom where I will interview you, we will style your shoot and I will guide you on properly preparing your horse.
  • Shoot: Up to 90 minutes shoot time capturing you and your horse, with an emphasis on expressing your story of recovery.
  • Reveal: a meeting via zoom where we will view the images together and select favorites.
  • $300 credit: can get you your 3 favorite portraits from the session to share online and create small prints with.

Will I be required to invest any money?

No. Making any kind of purchase of images or art beyond what the included $300 credit will get you is completely optional. You are not required to make any investment to participate in this project.

Note that you will be responsible for any clothing, tack, etc you choose to purchase for the shoot. However, you may absolutely use items you already own! We'll cover these details during the planning call.

To apply, fill the form below...