Fill your walls with joy.

We invest our hearts, time, and * yes * our cash into being an Equestrian. Why hang yet another "Live, Laugh, Love" sign on that empty wall when you can hang something so much more authentic and meaningful? That's what I'm here for - to turn the amazing connection between you and your equine partner into Art that you can enjoy and celebrate everyday in your home.

Here are some of my client's favorite walls to hang their art on and why.

Living Room

For me, the living room is a place we come to slow down and relax. This is the perfect moment to pause and smile, enjoying your portraits as you begin and end the day.

Office or Library

We all need a break from the stress of working hard and/or studying. Just imagine looking up from a meeting to see that amazing portrait of you and your horse cuddling in the sunlight! It's a moment of stillness, no matter how crazy your day.

Above the Fireplace

The mantel is the centerpiece of the home, a space for something extra special. To me, the answer is clear...obviously your very own unicorn deserves the spot. Having a stunning portrait that means everything to you will be sure to add the "wow factor" to your home.


What better way to invite loved ones into your home than with something as joyful and authentic as you and your horse? Share your happiest self with all of your guests with a beautiful, custom wall art arrangement.


Have a horse crazy daughter who wants that 40x60 canvas, but your sons prefer football over ponies? Maybe you love your horse but your partner prefers sports cars. Well, every good horse-crazy girl dreams of having a horse in her room, and now you can. Celebrate what you love by waking up to your favorite portraits every morning!

Accent Wall

These are the walls we tend to leave empty. Good news...this is the perfect excuse to invest in that huge canvas that celebrates you and your horse perfectly. If you already have art hanging in all the typical spaces, just look around the corner for that empty accent wall begging for a little extra something!

Customize your walls with portrait wall art...

When you work with me, not only will I have the opportunity to capture your passion in action, I am here to help you bring those moments to life on your very own walls. During your Gallery Reveal Meeting, I will be using a special program that allows me to actually show you wall art arrangements with your portraits on your walls.

Stop putting off your portraits, your home is dying to be filled with more you.