Getting to know the Creams...

Having the opportunity to work with Kerrie and her Creams was like getting to be a part of the "family" for the morning. It was so clear that for Kerrie, the Rescue is so much more than an operation, but a passion. She knows each and every one of her horses inside out. She knows their quirks, their strength, their story and respects and loves each horse for exactly who they are. Celebrating people in their passion is what I this was on point for my heart! Spending sunrise at a beautiful farm with horses that look more like unicorns felt like a fairytale. I can definitely check this one off my photographer bucket list.

About MerEquus Equine Rescue

American Cream Draft horses gallop turnout field pasture pair
501-c3 non-profit

Located in the heart of beautiful Maine, MerEquus is a sanctuary for rescued American Cream Draft Horses. Kerrie's mission is to save the dwindling breed not only by rescuing those in need, but by educating and promoting the breed to the public.

Meet the Family

American Cream Draft horse portrait photoshoot English tack


American Cream Draft horse trot pasture turnout sunrise


American Cream Draft horse stud breeding breed promotion


American Cream Draft horse golden hour portrait session New England equine photography


American Cream Draft driving horse tack professional photos


American Cream Draft Horse headshot portrait


American Quarter horse photoshoot equine photographer sunrise photoshoot

Wizard (the "chocolate cream")

American cream draft turnout gallop palomino photoshoot


in loving memory...

American cream draft horse rescue floral garland golden hour portrait


American cream draft rescue horse flower garland headshot