"When I dreamed of black beauty, I dreamed of you."

Othello's Black Orchid "Cavalia"

Cavalia, a 6 year old Friesian/Paint Cross mare, was born on Jade's family farm. They've spent the past six years growing up together, going through adolescence together, and maturing together. They've grown confidence and empowerment within themselves through their relationship.

Friesian mare on black background. Equine fine art studio portrait.
Horse and Rider sunset portraits. Friesian mare and young equestrian.

Jade started riding over 10 years ago when she was just 5 years old, and got her own horses at age 12. These days, Jade spends most of her time at the barn training Cavalia, goofing off, and sometimes a little bit of both!

"I hope that sometime Cavalia and I will be able to

enter some beginner dressage competitions together."

How do horses allow

you to be yourself?

"I think horses bring out your true emotions. When you're with them you don't need to be worried about what others think. There's no need to hide anything either, they'll know. Horses are able to reflect your inner emotions. If you're stressed, mad, or worried you can see it through them.

There's also nothing like galloping across a field at sunset, it's true freedom. Riding a horse is teamwork because you can't make a 1000+ pound animal do anything they don't want, they choose to do it. Cavalia has taught me patience that I didn't even know I had."

Fall sunset photoshoot with Friesian horse and equestrian in Vermont.

Working with Jade and Cavalia was something very special. It's on every photographer's bucket list to work with a beautiful Friesian. The farm was an absolute dream, not to mention the Fall foliage.