The magic number.

While I don't have any "rule" set in stone regarding number of outfits, we certainly have to be realistic about what's possible. My clients wear anywhere from 1-3 outfits, with 2 outfits being the "magic number."

Horse and Rider portrait outfits green dress
What to wear for your equine photoshoot blue dress

Things to Consider :

1. Time

Our photoshoot will be held during the beautiful Golden Hour of the evening. We'll have 60-90 minutes of that lovely evening sun to work with. We'll want 15 minutes per outfit at the very least. Keeping in mind that you'll need time to change, that's a max of 3 outfits, with 2 outfits being ideal to give us a bit more time for location and pose variety with each outfit.

2. Location

Where are we shooting, and is this a place you can realistically change? If we're out in the woods 2 miles from a tack room, maybe not! Do we need to factor in some extra time to return to the barn from that gorgeous pasture for a quick outfit swap? None of this is a problem, just things to consider as we create our game plan!

3. Your Horse

How into this whole photoshoot thing is your horse? Do we need to dedicate a little more time to giving your horse walk/grazing breaks? Is your horse good with a stall break while you change, or will he/she not want to come back out? If your horse isn't super into standing still, it can take extra time for us to get the shot, so we'll want to factor that time in as well. Let's plan accordingly!

What to wear teenager equine photoshoot

Still not sure? Don't worry!

I'm here to help you. During our Planning Call, we'll be sure to dive into outfits, including what to wear and how many outfits to bring. I promise to work closely with you from start to finish to create your dream portraits. I can't wait to work together!