Just a girl and her horses...

Gwen has been riding since she was 8, and started lessons at 12. She now keeps her two horses at Brookside Farm with Marie Thompson in Chocorua, New Hampshire, and actively works with a third horse at the barn. When she reached out to me this Summer for portraits with these 3 amazing horses, I couldn't wait to capture the special connection she has with each one of them.

 "The world is such a big place. Yet I ended up with you."

Gwen purchased Gunny's Maiden Voyage "Gunny" a little over a year ago. is This gorgeous 6 year old Thoroughbred, mare has a unique seal bay coat with a "dragon fly" blaze.

Gwen bought this green mare to develop into an Eventing horse. They love to run around bareback, swim in the lake down the road, and have started barrels and jumping.

fairytale equine photoshoot off the track thoroughbred

"You have brought peace and love into my crazy world."

Out of the Blue "Brody" is a 15 year old Quarterhorse gelding. He is an absolutely stunning buckskin Medicine Cap Paint with a blue eye.

Brody is owned by Brookside Farm, but Gwen regularly works with him. They started out English, but have slowly shifted to a Western focus. Together, they've done everything from roping, to Gator racing, to swimming in the lake.

fairytale gown equestrian photoshoot paint horse
girl and horses bond connection photography

Gwen currently competes in various classes at local shows such at Sandwhich Fair, NbarH and Windsor Fair. Her current goal is to focus on both Brody and Gunny, learning more about Western with Brody and guiding Gunny through the Western World.

"You have been my everything, you were the best teacher and best friend. "

DBA Aikaantu "Ike" is a 26 year old Arabian gelding. Before Gwen purchased him, Ike was a Reserved East Coast Champion in Dressage.

When se was 13, Ike became her first horse. He quickly became her everything horse, playing around in all Western and English disciplines. They even did quite a bit of jumping together.

Ike is now retired, but remains Gwen's whole heart.

Arabian horse black background equine fine art portrait
girl and senior heart horse photoshoot portrait session golden hour arabian gown