"Thank you for reminding me of why I love to ride & making my heart whole again"

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Wheels in Motion "Royce" ; 5 year old Thoroughbred gelding

Chloe started riding when she was just 5 years old. Over the years, she rode, leased and worked with many different horses in many different settings. Chloe eventually bought her first horse, Spike, who unfortunately passed young.

"After Spike passed away it took me a little over 3 years to decide to buy another horse."

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This team has been a pair for a couple of years now. Royce was a gamble, but Chloe went with her gut and purchased him off a 1 minute video sight-unseen. He ended up being the perfect fit.

He challenges me and is very different than Spike but in the best way.

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Chloe recently moved Royce to Claddagh Farm in Tiverton, Rhode Island where she trains with Mary Cherette.

Outside of the arena, this pair enjoys long hacks and spending time together grazing in the sun!

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Of course, Chloe's gorgeous Heeler Bodi had to join in on the fun! I absolutely adore when dogs are part of Portrait Sessions. If you're anything like me, my pets are my kids and I want them all in these memories. I always encourage you to do the same!

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Chloe continues to train Royce with a solid flatwork foundation to carry over into the jumping arena. She has goals of competing in the 3' hunters, equitation finals, and even some hunter derbies.

"But above all I want to

do what makes him happy."

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