Do you remember?

Do you remember what it was like pulling up to the barn for your Saturday afternoon lesson? Smelling the sweet smell of horse as your wrapped your arms around your lesson pony for the day? I remember days spent mucking stalls, tacking up, bathing, wrapping legs, and riding. I remember the electric feeling of my first canter, and the courage to step back on after my first fall. As I grew into my teenage years, I found that at times I lost her in the pressure of competition, the constant battle for perfection, and the heartbreak of the loss of many of my equine partners. But I took the time to find her again in my adult life, reconnecting with my pure, sweet, childlike love for the horse;

the magic that brought me to the barn in the first place.

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Celebrating your inner "horse kid."

When I was a little girl, horses were magical for me. All I wanted to do was talk horses, walk horses, and breathe horses. I loved to jump over everything in site and neigh like a horse. My niece Aubrey is the exact same way. Spending the day at the barn with her was just like spending the day with my inner child. Getting to watch Aubrey smile on my horses knowing there's nowhere on Earth she'd rather be literally warmed my heart. It made me think about how important it is to nourish our passions and celebrate what we love. This allows our inner horse kid to be seen and heard, and in turn brings us peace, happiness and a greater sense of self.

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Aubrey Mills has spent the past few years learning horsemanship skills and hunter/jumper based riding techniques at Wild Iris Equestrian Center in Hyram, Maine. With the help of a variety of lesson horses and coaches, she has become a strong and independent young rider with a love and passion for horses.

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