Sharing a Passion.

Patti and Madyson Gibbons ride with Sara Shraiberg at Avalon Meadows Equestrian Center in Otisfield, Maine. Patti, who has ridden almost all of her life, now shares this special love for horses with her daughter Mady.

Black Backgrounds

Reddington "Red" 3 year old Belgian x Quarter Horse

Nova Centuari "Noah" 7 year old Thoroughbred

We started the session with some black background portraits of both boys. They were so well behaved and an absolute dream to work with and capture. I can't WAIT to see the giant Canvas Mady got of Noah for over her bed.

Next, we moved out to the beautiful hay field for some gorgeous sunset Horse & Rider Portraits.

Patti & Red

Red and Patti are new to each other. They've been spending time getting to know each other, focusing on groundwork and flatwork. Patti's main goal is to just have fun and see where Red takes her. Red is a super special ham of a horse and Patti just hopes to give him what he deserves - the best.

"Horses have always been in my life. They have brought me such joy and some heartache but I have always come back to what I know. My heart belongs with them and I am so grateful to have such wonderful horses in my life. I am forever grateful for Sarah as well and all of the fantastic woman at the barn. I was truly meant to cross paths with all of these women and horses."

"I searched high and low for you and finally found you!"

Mady & Noah

Mady has been riding her entire life and purchased Noah in August of 2020. They compete in hunter/jumper shows together at Avalon Meadows, and have goals to do some off-farm shows in the future.

Like any good Thoroughbred, Noah has some good quirks - namely refusing to go over some "different" jumps and running circles around Mady when she's trying to catch him for a ride! Despite his quirks, Mady absolutely adores Noah. They share a special bond and she plans to have him for the rest of his life knowing she will never find another quite like him.

"I love you so much, I would never be able to live without you and you will be with me for the rest of your life, in good arms."