"I've always had a passion for horses and my mom never had to drag me to the barn because I would always willingly go."

Morgan inherited the "horse girl" gene from her mom Mary. She started riding before she could walk, and never got out of the saddle. She first starting riding with her trainer Sarah Shraiberg at Avalon Meadows Equestrian Center in Otisfield, Maine when she was 9 years old. Two and a half years ago, Sarah told Mary about a yearling for sale, who became Morgan's first horse of her very own. Poseidon would go on to make Morgan not only the rider she is today, but carved her into the person she has become as well.

"I never thought we would get so far in the time we did. I also never knew that he would be the horse that made me laugh harder than I have ever before, or be the best friend I always wanted in a horse."

Unfortunately, Poseidon passed away this spring after a tragic accident. The horses at Avalon, namely "Prada" has helped to heal Morgan's heartbreak. This summer, we celebrated her healing with a fairytale photoshoot for Morgan.

Black Backgrounds

Equine Black Background Fine Art Photography Dark bay OTTB ex racehorse off the track Thoroughbred Pelham bit

"Prada" 10 year old TB mare

Grey draft cross mare black background Fine Art portrait black leather dressage bridle

Lily's Faith "Lily" 20 year old Percheron x TB mare

Horse & Rider Portraits

"Continue to be your goofy self."

Morgan has been riding her mom Mary's mare Lily since before she could walk, and they joke that Lily is her "older sister." Lily likes to yawn and show off her pearly whites, cuddle with people like a dog, and she goes absolutely crazy for peppermints.

Mary and Lily used to do the 2 phase, hunter/jumpers and dressage. These days Lily mostly enjoys walking around the ring and jumping occasionally. Last year, Her and Morgan even trained for Lily's first show in 10 years! At 20 years old, Morgan's only goal for Lily is for her to stay fat and happy!

Horse and Rider girl dress gown portrait grey mare black and white fine art photography
Draft Cross mare navy blue gown young girl portrait equine photography session
equestrian portraits summer New England Maine blonde girl navy dress

"Thank you for filling the hole in my heart."

Prada has been the horse to heal Morgan's heart after the loss of her beloved Poseidon. As a Thoroughbred, Prada has a handful of "quirks!" She likes to tap dance for the crowd on the crosswise, pull Morgan over to snack on some grass, remove and bury her fly masks, and roll right after her bath. She loves skittles and fancy frosted horse treats!

Currently, Prada and Morgan do the hunter/jumpers and equitation. They trained together for Prada's first ever shows this summer! Morgan has goals to have Prada take her over her first ever cross country jumpers, and give her a baby Prada so she can have her very own horse again.

Update: Prada has a "bun in the oven" and is pregnant with Morgan's new foal!

horse and rider portrait baby blue gown sunset golden hour bay mare
horse and rider bond connection photography baby blue gown
baby blue gown blonde young equestrian professional photographs
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summer golden hour fairytale horse and rider portraits
bareback riding baby blue gown equine photoshoot
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