I had such an awesome time shooting at a brand new venue for me this Spring. This was my first horse show with my new updated gear, and it totally felt like Christmas morning for my photographer-self. I had such a great time getting to know management, talking with competitors, and shooting some AMAZING horse and rider pairs.

Needless to say, I cannot wait to come back in April!

"A-Rated" Experience; Schooling Show budget.

The Calm Water Farm Horse Shows are a super classy series run by Ryan Miller of RME Show Stables. Horseshoe Park Equestrian center is a top notch show grounds with stunning arenas, quality footing, and comfortable stabling. Ryan hires A show judges and classes are run smoothly and professionally. If you're looking for an awesome new show series to attend, be sure to sign up for the next Calm Water Farm Horse show!

Horse Show Highlights

Saturday Hunter Derby Winner

Maia Brinkman & I'm All in Your Face

Sunday Hunter Derby Winner

Jill Howser & Timeless

Calm Water Farm Spirit Award

for exceptional horsemanship and sportmanship

Aubree Welling