"You are my best friend and I love you more than you could ever know."

These two lovely ladies have known each other for quite some time. Katherine met Sandy as a yearling while interning on a Morgan horse farm in college. A few years later, she ended up purchasing the mare and they have been inseparable ever since.

"Sandy likes to go fast and sometimes remind everyone that her dad is a famous saddleseat stallion."

She also enjoys jumping and having a good time out on the trails, as well as posting daily selfies for the fans. At the end of it all, she definitely requires some cookies!

"The first day she was in Arkansas she jumped a six foot fence and that’s when I knew I didn’t just have a jumper prospect…"

Sandy loves food, snorting in the wind, and all the attention. Luckily, she gets plenty of that with her good looks! "Sometimes, she will run along the fence with kids and play with them because any attention is good attention in Sandy’s book."

Katherine's Heeler "Willa" had to join in on the fun for some portraits!

"She is my dream horse and I have never had a bond with a horse like I have with her."

After working with her for many years, Katherine made the decision to sell Sandy to a trusted friend in Kentucky, and reached out to get some portraits done as a celebration of their time together. Although life has unexpected turns and changes as time goes on, Sandy has certainly left a hoof print on her girl's heart. It was an honor to capture the connection this special pair shares.