"Thank you for always taking care of me and teaching me the importance of perseverance and bravery.."

Hayley Larson and her 9 year old OTTB Stormbreaker aka "Dakota" work with Eventing Trainer Barb Crabo out of Four Peaks Farm in Scottsdale, Arizona. Having Recently completed their first Beginner Novice Event together, Hayley hopes to one day compete at the Preliminary Level.

"He is the most trusting loving horse I have ever met."

"Dakota and I have come a long way from riding around on the trails bareback with my boots duck taped together (I could not afford a saddle or boots at the time!). Dakota and I had a slow start together as he was very green off the track and I had not been riding for the previous 4 years while in college. All of the hurdles presented to us we have overcome as a team and consequently formed a special bond composed of trust and wild joy. Some of my greatest memories are with this horse and he has faithfully carried me over every mountain and through every river I have asked him to cross. No matter how unsure he may be, he always looks over his shoulder up at me on his back and I just give him a pat and tell him he can do it and off he goes!"

"He is a power wagon out in the show ring and a gentle giant at home."

"Dakota loves to give everyone kisses and neck hugs. I can never rush tacking him up because he requires cuddles before putting on his bridle. I have to make sure I always factor that in when I am planning how much time I need to get him ready. He is not happy with me if that critical step is skipped!"

"Although I am in the Air Force

and constantly moving around,

he always comes with me no matter what."