"Thank you for being in my life!"

Registered Appaloosa Horse grazing at sunset
Horse and Rider Portraits. Dapple grey mare and woman.

It's never to late to begin.

Horses came into Denise's life a little bit later in life, and she has now been riding for 12 years. She enjoys spending time with them at the peaceful Avalon Meadows Equestrian Center in Otisfield, Maine. Denise will be moving to Texas in the Fall and reached out to me so she could have some beautiful portraits to commemorate her time at the Farm in Maine.

Avalon Lily "Ava"

Ava, a 10 year old draft-cross, was bred, born and raised at Avalon Meadows. Denise bought Ava when she was just a week old, and they have grown together with the help of trainer Sarah Shraiberg. They have been in Hunter/Jumper training for 8 years now and have dreams of competing in some local shows together.

Ava is the Queen of her herd, loved to be in charge, and knows she's beautiful!

Horse photography portrait session dapple grey mare and equestrian

Percy Alabama "Percy"

Denise's daughter attended Laurel South summer camp in 2016 when she fell in love with Percy. After a few phone calls begging to bring him home, Percy has now been part of the Cogle family for 5 years.

Percy loves attention. He waits at the pasture fence for Denise to come groom, lunge, and hang around with him. Percy gets extra love from some of the more experienced riders at Avalon who like a quirky ride! It's a good thing he has plenty of people to feed him all of his favorite snacks.

Equestrian Portraits Photography Appaloosa and rider

Denise's long term goals with her horses are "to continue learning and working together, and to grow old together."

Equine black background fine art portrait dapple grey mare headshot
Equine black background apple grey mare portraits fine art

"Avalon Lily" Fine Art Black Background Portraits

Dapple grey horse on black background fine art portrait equine photography