"Thank you for your steady and calming presence."

Last weekend I spent the evening with this lovely pair. Daphne and 19 Dutch Warmblood "Ben" ride with Sommer Anthony at the beautiful Sommertime Farms in Tucson, Arizona. You don't see much green in Arizona, so I was extra excited about having beautiful grass and tress in the background

Living out childhood dreams...

Daphne had one year of riding lessons when she was 7, and did not return to the saddle until many years later when she was given an Arabian horse while living with her husband in Saudi Arabia.

"I taught myself from books so missed much of the 'pony club' experience. My goals have changed as I get older and now I want to become more competent and confident at basic skills, perhaps jump crossed poles but mostly just develop a better working relationship with my horse so that his life is enriched and I continue to enjoy being able to live my dream of having a horse."

A match meant to be...

"Arriving in Tucson 6 years ago, I found Sommertime Farms and began lessons. I have been with Ben for 2 years now, working on my equitation. Ben is a former show jumper who was injured so no longer able to compete. I am an older rider who does not wish to court serious injury so we are perfectly matched."

"I have two main sporting passions - cycling and riding. I have been cycling for over 40 years and am very comfortable climbing mountains or riding gravel roads but I am still acquiring the skills of horseback riding so often feel a bit out of place when surrounded by so many very competent riders.

Nonetheless, the joy I get when I am with Ben - even if I am just grooming him - makes it all worth while."