"I want portraits with my horse, but I have no idea what to wear."

Good news friend, you're not alone! It's not uncommon for us "horse girls" to be lacking in the fashion department, but we all want to look nice for the photos we invest in. As an equine photographer, part of my job is to guide you to find an outfit that looks amazing and that you'll still feel comfortable enough to be yourself in. Today I'm sharing a great place to start. Deciding which general style suits you can give us a foundation to create an awesome outfit with for your special day with your horse!


This is what I like to call the "let's play magical fairytale ponies" photoshoot. Some people say it's extra, I say I love extra. From head to toe, you can dress yourself to the nines with a stunning ballgown and shiny jewels. You might even get your hair and makeup done and paint your nails to match your dress!

The Equestrian

You can't go wrong by wearing a nice riding outfit for your portraits. This is, after all, what we wear at the barn. Grab your favorite sun shirt, a nice pair of show pants, and clean up those tall boots for some classy equestrian themed shots.


Into something with a little "western goddess flare?" Add a cowgirl spin to your outfit with accessories such as belts, turquoise jewelry, cowgirl boots, or even a cowgirl hat. This is a super fun way to celebrate your style and horse-girl roots!

Boho Chic

My personal favorite style is the gorgeous bohemian look. I find this style to be flattering for people of all ages, comfortable and timeless. Think white lace maxi dress, floppy hat, lovely but casual loose tops, and beyond.

Casual Chic

Not the type to wear a dress, but you still want to look nice for your photos? I'm all about being authentic. If a dress isn't for you, wear something more casual! This can be anything from a nice top and jeans to a crop top and shorts. If you're into something casual, I'll happily guide you in the best direction for you!

What style calls to you?

Are you a glamour girl, or do you prefer something more casual? Whatever your style is, I am here to help you create an outfit that will look absolutely amazing for your portraits of a lifetime. Our session includes a planning call, where we'll go into detail and make sure you have a complete styled outfit to match you, your horse, your surroundings, and your home!

Ready to begin?